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2021 Exhibitions

Our 2020 exhibitions all finished successfully. Thank you for your support.

This year, I will be holding exhibitions at seven of my usual locations. I hope that you will come and see.

My first photobook Koboreume is now complete and on sale at exhibits. (¥2,625 incl. tax)
Book orders also accepted by fax with free shipping.

Koboreume ordering instructions

From a post office or Yuucho bank branch, complete a furikomi transmisison form (払込取扱票) with your postal address, name, and phone number to send ¥2,625 to Junichi Umeda, account 01090-6-20467.

In the event that the book does not arrive within 10 days from the date of payment, please contact me via this webpage, including your contact details.

2021 Exhibition Schedule

April 1 - December 25 Donald Keene Center Kashiwazaki
April 7 - 13 24th time Nihombashi Takashimaya
May 19 - 25 11th time Nagoya Takashimaya
June 16 - 22 38th time Osaka Takashimaya
September 9 - 14 13th time Yasugatake Club
October 13 - 19 28th time Tamagawa Takashimaya
November 20 - 28 43rd time Gallery Tamura, Hiroshima
December 8 - 14 37th time Kyoto Takashimaya

New in 2009: Sunflowers

A sunflower design in blinding bright yellows
"It's just like Van Gogh!"
...said a voice overheard at an exhibit.

New in 2008: Two-sided Plate and Bowl

2008 up 2008 down
Sometimes a bowl, sometimes a raised plate.
A bit unusual.
How you decide to use the top and bottom of this strange dish
is up to you.

New in 2006

Washroom sink.

My next dream...

is to show this exhibit at museums in other parts of the world.
I will use my book, Koboreume, and pamphlets from my large plate mosaic public art exhibits to try to get a spot in various exhibits.
I will take these works that my users have helped me create, and find out what the world thinks of them.

If you know of anyone or any information that could help me in achieving this dream, I would be tremendously grateful. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you may be of help in any way.

Pamphlets for Past Events (PDF)

Kaiyo-cho (2013 - Night Cherry Blossoms) Outer Pages Inner Pages
Okinawa (2013 - Flight of the Thousand Cranes) Outer Pages Inner Pages
Hiroshima (2014 - Butterflies, Flight of the Thousand Cranes) Outer Pages Inner Pages

Kaname (Younger Son), Leatherwork
Kaname portrait
Born 1980, Adogawa, Shiga Prefecture

Self taught in leatherwork.
Set out at age 18. Moved to Ishigaki Island at 19.

Kaname works all of his leather by hand, from the dying to the sewing.
Long-lasting, maintainable work is his top priority.
Works are mostly small items, such as wallets dyed with Okinawan plants.
Kaname personally tans the leather for his Ishigaki cow buttons. He accepts custom orders, to produce a joint effort between him and his users.
New in 2006
New in 2004
New in 2005
Junichi (Father), Ceramics
Junichi portrait
Born 1950, Komagome, Tokyo
Set out on his own self-taught path when it occurred to him that,
"It's strange for one who seeks creativity to follow a restrained, predetermined routine."
His sons have walked their own paths of self education, and he is proud to see them enjoying the struggles of artistic independance.
He remains unaffiliated with any school or gallery, to be completely free in creating his works.
Routinely holds exhibitions at five Takashimaya locations.
Currently residing in Shishikui, Tokushima
New in 2006
New in 2005
New in 2004
Chikubu (Elder Son), Silverwork
Chikubu portrait

Born 1978, Adogawa, Shiga Prefecture

Self taught in silversmithing
Became independant in Kyoto at age 22, founded PASSIONE.

Chikubu makes all of his works by hand, and provides full maintenance on his pieces.
Available in silvershops nationwide.
He has begun his Ladybug series, borne out of the forests of Yatsugatake.
Continually taking on new challenges such as the silver and leather "Brothers' Bracelet" joint effort.
Currently residing in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City
New in 2006
New in 2005
New in 2004
Mayu (Daughter), Colored Pencil
Mayu portrait Born 1975, Tokyo

Mayu has enjoyed drawing with colored pencils since she was a small child.
In 2008, she began drawing in earnest, thanks to information she found while meditating.
She uses oil-based colored pencils, layering their colors on top of white washi,
to create a unique effect whose medium cannot be easily recognized at first glance.
Now exhibiting and selling works through her official site since 2010.

Currently residing on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture; Mother of two

She continues to put her daily inspiration into her works, from her studio overlooking the sea.



Junichi Umeda
Kuinose, Funatsu
Kaiyo-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima-ken

Tel./Fax. (+81) 884-76-3539